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The Dallas Airmotive Difference

Our St. Paul RTC Offers Comprehensive Capabilities to Support Your Aircraft, Including:
  • HSI
  • Line Maintenance
  • MPI
  • Component & Accessory Repair
  • New, Serviceable & Exchange Parts
  • MSP Authorized
  • HSI
  • Line Maintenance
  • ESP-Approved
  • Line Maintenance
  • ESP Approved


Regional Turbine Center Manager, St. Paul

Passion for the future of aviation drives him to excel in the industry.
Learn more about Mike and why we're proud to call him a Dallas Airmotive Engine Expert!

Why do you enjoy being part of the Dallas Airmotive team?

I enjoy seeing new technicians in the facility and how excited they are about aviation. We all have the same interest, which makes it very easy to get excited about the future of the industry. We actually enjoy our job and sharing our knowledge with each other.

What sparked your interest in the aviation industry?

As a young child, my grandfather and I would talk about airplanes. He always had aircraft magazines along with schematics for me to look at. I would spend hours reading and looking them over. As I got older, I never lost this interest. I even kept some of these magazines and plans, and recently passed them onto my son and daughters.

What sparked your interest in the aviation industry?

Since my first graduation as technician, I have dedicated all my knowledge increasement to aviation. It has been my true passion since I was a kid.

What specific knowledge or tips would you give our customers as it pertains to engine maintenance?
  1. Find a good knowledgeable engine technician, and build a solid, trustworthy relationship with him or her. It doesn’t matter what engine product it is, they can be a great asset when engine issues arise and will have resources to solve these issues.
  2. Major events: Start planning and talking to your engine representative 6-12 months before the engine inputs. Have the engine shop research the logbook. The shops will be able to start sourcing and ordering known parts that will be replaced during repair.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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Dallas Airmotive
Regional Turbine Center

St. Paul - Downtown Airport
330 Bravo Lane
St. Paul, MN 55107 USA
Tel: +1 763.656.1600
Fax: +1 651.293.1353

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