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The Dallas Airmotive Difference

Our West Palm Beach RTC Offers Comprehensive Capabilities to Support Your Aircraft, Including:
  • HSI
  • Bleed Valve Repair
  • Power Section Repair
  • HSI
  • Fan Repairs
  • MPI
  • Line Maintenance
  • Component & Accessory Repair
  • New, Serviceable & Exchange Parts
  • MSP Authorized


Regional Turbine Center Manager, West Palm Beach

With 30+ years' experience in the aviation industry, he knows the ins and outs of his craft.
Learn more about Eddie and why we're proud to call him
a Dallas Airmotive Engine Expert!

Why Did You Join Dallas Airmotive?

Originally, I was a Dallas Airmotive customer and was always very impressed by the level of professional integrity and quality of this company. So, when I was offered this position, I could not have been more excited.

What Sparked Your Interest In The Aviation Industry?

Ever since I was a little kid I have been completely fascinated by airplanes. My mother says that every time a plane would fly over, I would stare up at the sky and be mesmerized.

What specific knowledge or tips would you give customers as it pertains to engine maintenance?

Plan ahead. The sooner we get the logbooks and information from you, the sooner we can prepare. This will make your engine event go as quickly and smoothly as possible

From your experience, what helps you assist customers more efficiently?

I have been a customer of Dallas Airmotive on some big projects as well as owned and ran two of my own businesses. I believe that my background enables me to understand both the customer side as well as the company side of what we do every day. It is this experience that helps me to better assist and manage their engine events more efficiently.

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Dallas Airmotive
Regional Turbine Center

West Palm Beach, Florida 
2049 High Ridge Road
Boynton Beach, FL 33426 USA
Tel: +1 561.734.0121
Fax: +1 561.732.6870

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